Our brand


Joy-IT more than 20 years of experience in being different. We design and produce eletcronics assembly which is always extraordinary. German know-how always contemporary. Developmet, production and service from one hand. One of the pioneers of I.o.T. in Germany. The range starts from small sensors past expansion boards up to high-end PCs and industrial systems.

For us the highest quality, a large degree of flexibility and the needs of our customers are our greatest concerns!


Our highlights


The Joy-Pi is an experiment-suitcase based on the Raspberry Pi and is perfectly suited for the introduction in the electrical engineering and programming. The well thought out suitcase system offers the perfect all in one enviornment and quits with many fiddly small part solutions and the chaos of cables on the work table.

StromPi 3

The newest member of the "StromPi family" unveils new applications of the Raspberry Pi. Additional to the already existing input voltages, can the StromPi 3 be expanded with an optional pluggable battery unit which extends your Raspberry Pi with a LiFePO4 battery as a rechargable emergency power supply.


The Talking-Pi is comptible to Google Home and AIY projects and is an unisversal open source voice control assistant for the Raspberry Pi. You can control the light, can switch the sockets on and off or can activate your coffee machine if you come into your house via voice control. There are no limits for your fantasy.

PC solutions

The buisness machines are specially made for the professional continuous use and guarantees the optimal performance, highest quality as well as an extraordinary service. Increase your productivity with the efficient, power-saving and environmentally friendly buisness PC from Joy-IT. Only high-quality brand-name components are used which are coordinated to each other and guarantee a long lifespan.

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